I started this website with the intent of building a class website for my students – one central location they could go to for information on the class, activities, assignments and engaging with classmates. As I was planning the site, it occurred to me that as I progress in the PhD in English Literature program here at Arizona State University, it would be a good idea to create a professional page too. Colleagues on Twitter encouraged this idea, partially by their own postings to their academic blogs but also through discussions shared with such hashtags as #phdchat and #phdadvice.




I can also be found on the following social media: TwitterPinterest, and Facebook. While I do have accounts with Academia.edu+GoogleTumblr, and Skype, at this time, I honestly don’t visit them too often. There just isn’t enough time, unfortunately. (If someone would like to gift me a TARDIS or a time-turner I certainly wouldn’t complain!)